Frequently Asked Questions

North Shore Football runs from late August with pre-season practices (or “training camp”) through to the playoffs in late November. New players to the league may be asked to attend a brief evaluation clinic earlier in the summer.

Can boys and girls play in the GSL?
Absolutely! We encourage ALL players interested in flag or tackle to register. Our players are treated as equals on and off the field at all times.
What are the Divisions?

The Flag division is open to players in grades 2 to 8 and consists of grades 2-4 for Atom, grades 5-6 for PeeWee and grades 7-8 for Minor.

The flag division is fun, safe and non-contact.  Expect one practice per week (Wednesday) and one game per week (Sunday mornings at Norgate Park).

Tackle begins with Peewee for grades 5 and 6. This division is an entry to tackle football in a safe and developmental atmosphere. Teams in PeeWee tackle divisions practice once per week (Tuesday 6-730) with one game per week (Sundays at Norgate Park).

Minor tackle is for grade 7 and 8 only. Teams in Minor tackle divisions practice once per week (Thursday night 6-730)  with one game per week (Sundays at Norgate Park).

No previous football experience is required for any division.  Every year we have many players register for the first time.

What are the Fees?

Fees for Flag are $200.00
Fees for Pee Wee tackle are $350.00
Fees for Minor tackle are $350.00

Where are the games played and on what days?

Most games are played at Norgate Park in North Vancouver on Sundays except for some holidays. The Championship games are played on artificial turf at Norgate Field in North Vancouver on the last Sunday in November.
The opportunity to play against other leagues are possible each year.

How can parents support the GSL Football program?

We are always looking for involvement from parents! Coaching, field volunteer, marketing, fundraising, community events are held year round. Regular season opportunities include coaching, managing, game day field lining, field yardsticks, Jamboree, Banquet, photography, social media etc. Please contact if you have any interest!

Where do players register and where do players pick up their equipment?

Players register online. All players are responsible for their own football shoes/cleats and players in the tackle divisions need commercially available football pants with pads. We supply jerseys, mouthguards and use of helmets and shoulder pads. We do recommend purchasing your own mouthguard if possible. Equipment pick up and fittings will be scheduled several times prior to the start of the season.

How many players are on each team?

Flag teams have 12 players optimum and play 8 on the field if possible; tackle teams have 16 to 20 with 11 players on the field if the registration numbers support this. Players get a wide experience playing both ways, offensive and defensive.

What are the rules used for play?

The Flag Division uses a modified set of rules which prepares players for later play in the contact divisions. These rules are specifically developed for GSL North Shore Football. The tackle divisions use the Football Rules Book published by the Canadian Amateur Rule Book (CARB) for Tackle Football. GSL North Shore Football plays 3-down CANADIAN football.

Can I register my child in an older age division?

No; please register your child in the age appropriate division.  Playing up or down for weight/safety reasons in a division is not allowed. Studies show that age & experience are determining factors with regards to safety in football.

Please contact if you have questions. Any decision to permit a move is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors on a case by case basis.


Can I select where my child plays?

You can make a friend request via email but we are moving to a catchment based team assignment.  With 5 high school football programs on the North Shore we are trying to work with the high school programs to develop players to be able to feed into their programs.  Our main goal is to have balanced teams to ensure a great playing experience for all players.  The registrar/board will ultimately make the team assignment decisions.